Bruce Aura

Bruce showing of his Unversal Recycling Energy Aura to show he is now hostile.

Bruce is a silent protagonist and a more respected friend of Mr Rex. His love of music and warfare will always keep his enemies on their toes!

Character ProfileEdit

Bruce is a weapon expert and master soldier who was rejected from the Dinosaurian Army after he was caught practising his attacks on people who bully him. He is uncertain of wether he should be good or evil, but he likes hanging around with Mr Rex and adding Rimshots to Mr Rex's Puns. Bruce also plays several brass instruments such as the French Horn, Trumpet and Trombone all at the same time. Bruce's character besides his killer instinct consists of little violence and a warm hearted yet shy ally who has an ultimate goal of impressing girls. So far no one has liked him back, he will only become aggressive if provoked. He shows his anger by blasting everything around him with a Universal Recycling Energy Aura and Threatening his foes with his Long Claws with a blade that goes so sharp, the tip is only 1 atom diameter.


Bruce first appeared in Spore: Galactic Adventure as a 3rd party member to the player. Bruce's Design has been almost completely Modified to what he looks like now, he used to have Emo-hair, cyborgentic implants and a mustache. His coat colour was also changed to Black to make him look more threatening.

Bruce Rex

Bruce as he appears in Spore Galactic Adventures.

Mr Rex Adventures Mr Rex's Team versus a Gigantic Didelphodon

Mr Rex Adventures Mr Rex's Team versus a Gigantic Didelphodon

A very early clip of Mr Rex Adventures where Bruce dominates the battle.