Derrick Cry

Derrick Crying after his rare box of continental cereal is crushed by the invisible aliens.

Derrick is Mr Rex's Friend and is the Brains of the Team, although he might know alot about Science and Engineering he has little to no common sense and is hugely perverted.

Character ProfileEdit

Derrick is one of Mr Rex's Friends who is also 38 like Mr Rex and is known for being the brains of the team. He has huge knowledge of almost everything with the acception to Psychology and English. Derrick has a huge lack of Common Sense and is often blank making learning or listening difficult for him. He will often make mistakes in situation such as forgetting Mr Rex's plan or Making "That's what she said" jokes at times it may be best not to. Derrick has also the most advanced technology to his wingdinos. He had a scouter and Goggles which can see through walls and find any object in 100Km range. He also has a boomerang with a stream or lasers bending around it to make it hurt enemies and not get a scratch on himelf. Although he is advanced he has terrible weapons and combat abilities, He often gets his asteroid handed to him by lower Rank Fighters including Violet from the Obapreed Special Forces.


Derrick was introduced to Mr Rex for the first when Maciej B' the creator of Mr Rex started developing ideas in Spore: Galactic Adventures. Since then Derrick has been simplified and adjusted to a unique character that works alongside Mr Rex. In Spore: Galactic Adventures Derrick would often be the 2nd party member.

Mr Rex Adventures Derrick Loves Cereal

Mr Rex Adventures Derrick Loves Cereal

A clip from Episode 1 featuring Derrick.