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Mr Rex Icon created by Maciej B'

Mr Rex is the main character from the series Mr Rex Adventures, He is known for his love of Teacakes and Various other breads as well as his agression towards Derrick when Derrick Annoys him or makes horrible mistakes. Mr Rex is friendly to everyone in the SR.

Character ProfileEdit

Mr Rex is in time 38 years old, Dinosaurs tend to live 350 years so due to this effect of slowed down ageing Mr Rex is an incredibly intellegent Pre-teen (11-13 years old). He goes on missions with his friends Derrick, Bruce, Klow and Tess (Klow in episode 2 and Tess in episode 5). Mr Rex is the leader of his platoon and tries to move the team in the right direction, however his agression and frustration often gets in the way. He'll often take it out on Derrick who is his nerdy friend who lacks common sense. Mr Rex is often irratated by Derrick's Sexual Jokes and Derrick's Unrealistic predicitions and mis-understanding. Mr Rex however does apologise to Derrick for his temper. Mr Rex is passionate about defeating His enemies and converting them to Dinosauria. Mr Rex has a huge hate for all thing evil, he often gets depressed if he realises his actions maybe evil. He is a loyal part of the SR Organisation and will do everything he can to create Utopia.


Although the Idea of Mr Rex came about in 2004 when the creator Maciej B' started writing a story about dinosaurs using simple Microsoft programs, he eventually started to develop his story into animation later in life eventually coming up with a world that was beliveable and unrealistic. Mr Rex was any other dinosaur Until Maciej B' played Spore: Galactic Adventure, a creative game that helped him better design the Mr Rex Universe. He later removed the software from his computer after it caused horrible side effects. At this stage Mr Rex and the other characters became dressed in Many colours, mostly Red. Mr Rex also wears Should Pads which launched Missiles, 2 Jet packs on the back of each leg and a helmet to tell him from the others. He also wears armour on his chest and a blue band on his back to hold the Jets in place. Appearing a disappearing in his many re-designs he had a plate on the back of his head which would be used as a comunication device. This accessory has remained in Mr Rex Adventures. Mr Rex made his first appearance on youtube on the 26th of Februrary 2012 in a test animation.