Sam (Sab) in real life. Glasses are totally real.


My head :)

Sam (Sab) is a person. He created the unofficially official Mr Rex website, found here  (note that the url is temporary). He might be doing some future things to do with the series, however he hasn't reveiled anything.

"I can not reveil anything. Possibly because I'm not actually doing anything" - Sab 

About meEdit

Hi! I am a manly-man. I make games. I make videos on YouTube. I <3 the Mr Rex series. I can't make really long sentences. I act, and recently I have started coding websites. Me.

Sab and MaciejEdit

Sab met Maciej through a website called Scratch , and they both made games. They got along because they both made similar games and had a passion for Nitrome . They then became buddies on YouTube and made YouTube videos together. However, at one point, Sab got ill and lazy and they didn't really talk as much as they use to because Sab got addicted to other things (no, not cocaine). It was only when Maciej joined SabCraft, Sab's Minecraft Server, that they really started talking again. And the rest is history.

Sab and The WorldEdit

You can find me on the following places...

Famous QuotesEdit

"I can not reveil anything. Possibly because I'm not actually doing anything"

"Unicorns do exist, but you've got to believe Mr Dempsey"

"You'll find me down eisle 69"

"Oh s***. I think I may of caught Bieber Fever. Someone kill me, it's infectious!"

Quotes about SabEdit

"He is incredibly awesome and amazing in everyway" - Onion

"He is sexy" - His non existant girlfriend

"He is the best at everything" - His mind

"He is off his head!!" - Majority