Away from the SR Mothership (Mr Rex OST)

Away from the SR Mothership (Mr Rex OST)

The famous song that plays as Mr Rex leaves the SRMS to his mission.

The SR or ASR (Angelic Saviour Rangers) is a small organisation based in a huge mothership in the Center of the Galaxy in the Northern Galactic Hemi-sphere. The Ship is home to Mr Rex and all his co-workers/friends.

SR/ASR MothershipEdit

The mothership is Gigantic, according to the original Design the SRMS (SR Mothership) is approximately 18 Km long from Main Panel to Base and is 14 Km wide from Main Panel Left and Administratory Panel right. The SRMS is 6 Km high and the levels are constantly moving and renewing so the face of the SRMS is often slightly different with each time. The Administrative Panel will always remain the same. The ASR's main forces will always come out of the main panel on the left side of the mothership. The special forces come out of the Administrative Panel. The ship has light shift making it invisible to any ships which don't know its exact location so the SRMS has little defense but has never been spotted by the Isaux.


The first appearance was when Maciej B' was on holiday and started designing motherships for Mr Rex's Organisation. Many designs were made but the Half Horse shoe shaped Mothership was the most unique and was later developed to work on the Mr Rex Universe. The SRMS has appeared in many episodes since episode 1.

In theory, the SRMS is said to hav


The SRMS being designed in its early stages in Google Sketch Up.

e been created from Nanobots and have turned a large asteroid made of mostly Copper and Magnetite made a gigantic Mothership and a simple atmosphere. The SRMS was built in just under 4 seconds but cost alot of energy to build, Roughly the amount given out by a main sequence star in 50,000 years.